Games Inbox: FPS best gunplay, digital vs. physical gaming, and Black Ops 4 connection problems

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Games Inbox: FPS best gunplay, digital vs. physical gaming, and Black Ops 4 connection problems

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – would it win in a fight with Destiny?

The morning Inbox talks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits, as one reader reveals how many times he’s beaten every Resident Evil.

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Nice shot

So I took advantage of the free download offer on Black Ops 4’s Blackout and I have to say I’m really impressed. It doesn’t feel like a Fortnite clone, it does feel like Call Of Duty, and I could feel myself playing this a lot if I bought the game. Although I do wonder if I’m a little late to the part. I assume they’re going to put it in this year’s game as well, so maybe I’ll wait till then. But it’s definitely got me more interested.

But it also got me thinking about which first (or third) person shooter has the best gunplay? Call Of Duty is renowned for its, no matter what you think of the rest of the game, and Blackout shows why. Fast, fluid, accurate, reliable… it basically hits all the notes. Good sound design too and a reasonable variety of different weapons that’s not a slave to realism.

But what are the other contenders? Battlefield is good, but always feels a bit flat too me – even though it has the best sound. Destiny is the other main contender I guess. It’s so good it basically carries the whole game. If these guns weren’t fun to use the whole game would be dead, even those shooters with mediocre gunplay (everything from Half-Life 2 to Red Dead Redemption II) can still be called classics through all the other things they do.

Be interested to see what others think but vote goes to Call Of Duty.


Slabs of plastic

I’ll never understand why people will give up gaming because of it becoming digital. It’s just a different type of storage format. Would you not watch a TV show because it’s being transmitted digitally rather than via an analogue signal? Is Black Mirror not worth watching because it’s streamed? Imagine refusing to listen to a piece of music because it’s an MP3 file played via Bluetooth speakers and not available on vinyl. Why are game manuals not still written on papyrus? And so on…

The technology inside consoles is not built to last for eternity. There are a lot of games I own bought in the last 20 years that I can’t play anymore. The sole reason is that they are physical discs and the consoles are unable to read them – both PlayStation 2 and GameCube are guilty. I can play the GameCube ones via a Wii, an altered beast, but when that also fails they are doomed. If they were digital downloads, not only could I still play them, I wouldn’t need a shedload of plastic and wires around my living room either.

Maybe it’s a result of having a fairly small living space but I don’t need more clutter in my life, particularly slabs of plastic which do nothing but gather dust.
Suo Tempore (PSN ID)


Digital benefits

Now my son is deemed old enough to play selected 18-rated games, I bought a couple of Rainbow Six Sieges off eBay very reasonably. (I bought a third too but was quickly refunded by the seller.) When I realised that Rainbow Six Siege had made a late appearance in the January Sale on PlayStation Store I downloaded a couple of copies to share between four of us at the bargain price of £9.99 and traded them in for a £10 voucher per copy, making a virtual profit.

I then wondered what had replaced these deals on the PlayStation Store and found a Titanfall 2/Battlefield 1 combination pack for £9.90, meaning I can trade in Titanfall 2, pass on a couple of Battlefield 1s and have four copies of those games too which we can enjoy together. Three great games, no getting up to change discs (bonus) and all bought using Christmas present vouchers.
SU DOKU (gamertag)/MyDeadGran (PSN ID)


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Quick reactions

I’m a bit late for the weekend topic, but one thing that breaks the immersion for me is demonstrated in The Last Of Us (which is a great game).

You’ve got hardly any weapons or ammo at times in the game, then you fight enemies who have seemingly better guns and lots of ammo. When you kill them they often have no ammo or guns you can use. That is just so annoying, you’d strip everything you could, including shoes, etc.

Another thing is telepathic enemies who know something is up the instant your cover is blown and can zero on you in an instant.
Redperil68 (gamertag/PSN ID)


Unanswered Call

Since I read online that there would be a seven day trial for the Blackout mode of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4
(from 17-24 January) I’ve been trying to get online for a game.

However I’m asked to log into my Call Of Duty account but keep receiving a message that states, ‘An error has occurred with the Call Of Duty account service’ and a sign-in is required to play.

I’ve tried multiple times and even created a new account but to no avail. I’ve been really wanting to try this mode out before making a purchase but time is running out as this problem continues.

Anyone else had this issue? Can GC offer any advice?
Chaosphere616 (gamertag)

GC: It sounds like a problem with the servers, perhaps overloaded with everyone trying to play for free. Perhaps a reader that’s played it recently can comment, the first letter today suggests some people are getting through.


Talking Cyberpunk

I’m just writing in relation to your interview with CD Projekt Red concerning Cyberpunk 2077 back in September. I wanted to pass onto whoever wrote it that I was heartened by the chance to read a piece of such quality, properly worthy of name of journalism.

It seems many other outlets chose to focus on more sensational interrogation in their interviews with CD Projekt Red over the past months, and your piece came as a refreshing surprise. Excellent questions, asked with perspective, while still finding time to ask about prevalent issues like sexuality and gender, while keeping the interview balanced and all-encompassing.

I just wanted to pass on my compliments for a piece of quality journalism, and wish you a pleasant year ahead.
Pio Hartnett

GC: Thanks very much.


No information

A few Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reviews have commented (I think GC’s too) that Nintendo hadn’t explained which games the spirits are from. This seemed a weird oversight considering the quality of the game’s exhaustive content.

Except it is there.

When playing the World of Light, press ‘+’ to go to ‘Options’ > Inventory > Spirit List – scroll and choose the individual Spirit images – and it gives you the game series it’s from, as well as the character name.

Saves hitting up Google every five minutes.
Currently playing: Villager

GC: We mentioned that option in our review; all it does is show what franchise they’re from. Many of the franchises have dozens of entries and there’s no clue given as to which one the character is featured in. And that’s not to mention the peculiar lack of any text descriptions for each spirit. It would have been a trivial effort to add that information and yet it would have greatly enhanced the game’s role as an interactive museum.


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Two contenders

Having recently playing through my catalogue of Resident Evil games it got me thinking how many times I have completed these games. My current standings are as follow, in order of my favourite entries:

Resident Evil 4 (seven playthroughs)
Resident Evil 1 (seven playthroughs)
Resident Evil 2 (five playthroughs)
Resident Evil 5 (five playthroughs)
Resident Evil 7 (three playthroughs)
Resident Evil 3 (one playthrough)
Resident Evil – CODE: Veronica (one playthrough)
Resident Evil 0 (one playthrough)
Resident Evil 6 (one playthrough)

The reason for 4 being my best is the settings. The amazing village, castle, island, and characters are unforgettable: Leatherface with a chainsaw, Big Cheese, Salazar, Giant, Saddler, any one of these would be a great main villain but you get all these and there’s more. And how can you forget the merchant (what are you buying, stranger?).

Also, Resident Evil 1 villains are your real-life fears. Zombie? Check. Giant spider, snake, shark, and the hunters. Who can forget the first time we meet a hunter, that followed you and opened the door to decapitate your head? Stuff of nightmares. The puzzles in Resident Evil 1 are still the best in the series to date. Would love a Wesker-only Resident Evil. Inbox magic please.

What’s your best Resident Evil GC and why?
genghis1492 (PSN ID)

GC: We can’t talk about Resident Evil 2 until the review embargo but if you’re asking which is the best Resident Evil we’d say Resident Evil 1, because it’s the scariest. If you’re asking which is the best game overall we’d say Resident Evil 4.


Inbox also-rans

I know it’s a tad wee bit late but Happy New Year to all fellow GC readers. Speaking of late, I’ve only now jumped on the Destiny 2 bandwagon. So far so good. Any fellow GC readers with a clan recommendation for me on the PlayStation 4? It can be a lonely place out there…
Perished Add me!

I have a digital code for Gears Of War 4 for you to give away to one of your readers. Keep up the good work.

GC: Thanks very much. As usual we’ll give it out in exchange for a useable Inbox letter.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Ancel, who asks are video games too violent?

Upcoming games such as Resident Evil 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 feature some of the most realistic, and extreme, gore gaming has ever seen but is that a problem? Do you think video game violence has an adverse effect on those that play it? And is it just gore or violence in general that worries you?

Do you avoid playing excessively violent games and what’s your policy with regards to what children should be able to play? Would you be equally worried about sex in games or are there any other subjects you think should remain taboo?

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